The Plasma Pen treatment provides the opportunity to achieve dramatic, long lasting results for skin revitalization   The Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is the world’s leading plasma device for the improvement of of aging, wrinkles, skin laxity, as well as tone and texture. To find out if the Plasma Pen is right for you, contact Sol Skin & Laser in Scottsdale, AZ and schedule a consultation today! We look forward to hearing from you!

what to expect with plasma pen?

During your procedure, the formation of new skin cells will become visible as tiny carbon crusts flake off naturally over the following 3-7 days as the newly formed and rejuvenated skin heals.   Included in this dermal remodeling, the production of collagen and elastin strengthens, plumps, inflates and lifts the structure of the skin above over a sustained period of time.



The Plasma Pen treatment converts electrical energy into an electrostatic energy to create artificial nitrogen plasma. The nitrogen plasma energy transfers rapidly to superficial tissue while heating and disrupting the deeper layers of the skin structure through thermal conduction.  This process stimulates fibroblasts within the dermal layer to produce new collagen and continues over the course of 3 months.   

AM I a good candidate?

If you have seen the effects of aging on your skin or experience any of these other complexion concerns, the plasma pen may be an option for you. Potential patients must have a willingness to maintain a treatment schedule until desired results are achieved and have realistic expectations in mind.